Xhale Personal Air Purification System
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Smoking Discretion At It's Finest
Conceal Smoke

Proven Effective for Discretionary Smoking and Local Air Management.

Lose those homemade fabric sheet air filters for good!!! Finally, a blow through system that works. XHALE™ doesn’t just cover up odors, it gets rid of the smoke.

The XHALE™ strategically kills smoke in its tracks. Exhaled smoke passes through a series of filters, cleaning itself from tars and toxins before it is emitted into the air. The result is a smoke- and odor-free environment with cleaner, clearer air. Infused with essential oils, the XHALE™ will leave your air smelling fresh too!

*Highly Effective up to 60 days*Disposable*Non-Toxic*No synthetic fragrances* Made in the USA*Patent Pending

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